Vitiligo Disorder: Their Symptoms and Treatment Options

About Vitiligo:

leukoderma or Vitiligo is a typical health disorder that disturbs skin pigmentation of individuals. The damage of skin cells that generate the pigmentation of the external skin leads to white patches on the skin’s surface. Vitiligo can affect the other areas of the body too, containing eyeballs, nostrils or mouth.

 Sign & Symptoms of Vitiligo:

Some of the common Vitiligo Symptoms and signs in infants are:

Pigmentation or whitening of the scalp hair, eyelashes or eyebrows.

2  Skin discoloration.

3  Change in color of the inner layer of the eyeball or retina.

4  Loss of hair (alopecia)

5  Whitening of mucous membranes

6  Whitening patches around the armpits and navel.

Vitiligo Disorder Their Symptoms and Treatment Options


Treatment options of Vitiligo:

1.       Steroid Intake:

Most skin experts recommend increasing the intake of Vitamin D and steroids to recover Vitiligo correctly. The steroid supports in re-pigment discolored parts, and the Vitamin D supports replace dead skin cells.

2.       Topical Corticosteroid Creams:

Vitiligo patients can use these skin creams on your their skin to initiate re-pigmentation cells of the skin.

3.       Oral PUVA Therapy:

Oral PUVA therapies can assistance to recover severe Vitiligo issues in People.

Natural Treatment Choices for Vitiligo:

Psoralea seeds, Radish Seeds, Basil leaves and lime juice, Red clay, Copper treated water, Turmeric, Babchi seeds are some Herbal options for Vitiligo Natural Treatment. These herbal seeds work in vitiligo treatment naturally without any side effects.

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