Treatment for Vitiligo Skin Disease

Vitiligo is a skin disease wherein the skin cells responsible for pigmentation also stop working or die. It is also a skin disease/form that reportedly affects 1% of the world’s population. According to the scientific community, Vitiligo is a rare disease. But if you total up that 1% of the world’s population, you have more than 65 million people.

The vitiligo skin disease is a particularly difficult condition. Like I stated earlier, currently there is no cure for vitiligo. But there are lots of treatments out there that can decrease some of the symptoms. With that being said, if you have vitiligo your best protection is information. You should find out everything that you can about the disease, its cause, and treatments.

A psychological effect Vitiligo has a necessary effect on the psychology of the patient. Sometimes, people with vitiligo can feel depressed due to the changes in their physical appearance.

Treatment in mild cases of vitiligo, the skin can be hidden using makeup. Dermatologists as well recommend corticosteroid cream for skin. The exposure of skin to long-wave ultraviolet rays from the sun is as well helpful for the patient.

Vitiligo Natural Herbal Remedies

Treatment for vitiligo is still a highly-researched and changing area. Vitiligo Treatment will depend on the degree of the condition, and also how much the patient can afford, as several treatments tend to be extremely expensive. In addition, even the most particular treatments are not forever effective and are connected with a number of side effects.

Frequently, one of the first treatment options suggested is steroid therapy and/or immunomodulators. On the other hand, both these pharmaceutical treatments can only be used in the short term and are notoriously unsuccessful and suffer from a high incidence of side effects. A further treatment option involves the use of ultraviolet light coupled with medications. On the other hand, this involves bi- or tri- weekly visits to a specialized clinic for weeks or months, is extremely expensive, and side effects include eye damage and an increased risk of skin cancer.

Yet another treatment option involves surgical skin grafting, but sometimes this causes skin trauma that ends up aggravating vitiligo even more. For very small patches of white skin, tattoos are sometimes used to cover these up.

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