Tips for Delayed Ejaculation

It is important to learn to control and Delayed Ejaculation in order to maintain a mutually healthy sexual experience. Men put too much pressure on themselves to last “all night” thinking that’s what gives female the most sexual satisfaction. Sometimes a “quickie” or a “nooner” can be just as sexually satisfying to a woman as a long drawn out all nighters using every trick in the book to delay ejaculation. On the other hand, you need to be ready to delay ejaculation and last longer if the need arise. Keep in mind, for the purpose of this article is teach you to delay ejaculation for the benefit of a healthy sexual experience and not just for the sake of delay.


According to one survey, most female reported wanting sex to last between 10 and 20 minutes. They felt that was sufficient time for them to climax but not too much time to where they are sore or uncomfortable afterwards. This means you need to take how long you currently last and figure out how various minutes you currently need to delay ejaculation.

And to explain why this is not your fault I’m assuming you have done your best and tried different premature ejaculation cures on the market, that all promised to help. The normal cures everyone possibly lost a lot of trust and self esteem – attempting with disappointing results – are:

Natural remedies, which are generally, consist of stamina training exercises in try to develop your tolerance of sexual stimulation and build your ability to control it.

  • To diminish the pressure, a man should absorb himself in the pleasure of the moment, without worrying about whether or when he will ejaculate.
  • Medication and this is a wide subject as it covers herbal pills, non-herbal pills (including SSRI’s), delaying creams, and other topical solutions.
  • Healthy attitudes toward sexuality and one’s own genitals helps prevent delayed ejaculation.
  • A simple but very effective way to delay ejaculation is distraction. All you do is wait until a few minutes before ejaculation then start thinking about non sexual things. Difficult at first but keep trying and it’s surprising how much longer you can last during intercourse.
  • Some men use herbs that are helpful for delaying ejaculation. The South American herbs are most popular. These herbs are safe to use because they are natural.
  • Try out different positions until you find one where you can last the longest. Some men have added up to 10 minutes to their lovemaking just by finding a position that helps to delay ejaculation.
  • First and foremost, you should look at your diet. Processed meats are injected with hormones which can lead to an imbalance in your body and believe it or not cause you to experience early ejaculation consistently if this is a large part of your diet.

Finally, arguably the most general cause of the delay ejaculation problem is set off by the incorrect masturbation habits which men pick up without understand it and grow accustomed to so that their bodies become rewired in accurately how they perceive stimulation. This particularly manifests when you are with a partner. Luckily the Premature Ejaculation Treatment to this problem is to perform a specific retraining exercise which gives you complete control in delaying ejaculation so that you decide how long you last rather than your body going ahead and doing it for you.

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