Natural and Herbal Treatment for Lipoma

Numerous lifestyle connected disorders may cause irritation to stomach, liver, pancreas or any other vital organ of the digestive tract. Additional disease may arise due to environmental conditions, which in most of the cases can’t be prevented. Lipoma is a type of benign tumor that is composed of adipose tissue or body fat. Such cysts are normally painless and movable. There are multiple types of lipomas that can happen in adults in age category 40-60.

Did you know these fatty nodes can happen inside our bodies and on our internal organs? Well, although doctors agree that the lipoma is harmless, I believe that any irregularity on our bodies is actually a sign that something in our body is wrong.


These annoying little bumps can appear on most parts of the body, mostly on the arms, armpits, shoulders, upper thighs, upper back and buttocks. Lipomas generally can be felt just under the skin surface, but have been detected deep within the tissue of shoulders, muscles, thighs, or the calf.

Lipoma Herbal Treatment

The treatment methods discussed exceeding come with their own harmful aspects. When the lipoma doesn’t cause you much discomfort, you can try a few natural, non-invasive ways to treat them.

Lipoma Herbal Treatment doesn’t have any side effects and are absolutely safe to use. It is important to keep in mind that these do not create instant results. You have to use them regularly and allow time to show results.


Sage has a natural similarity towards fat cell. When you apply the sage onto your skin, it help dissolving the fatty tissues that causing lipoma. Sage also help in balancing your body fluidity therefore stop the lipoma from growing.

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Using Natural Oils and Herbs

This method requires you to make ointments first. You can use a neem oil or flaxseed oil. Both oils is wonderful to neem oil protect your skin and contain high levels of omega fatty acids. This ingredient helps very much to decrease the inflammation.

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Green Tea

Use your favorite cup of green tea to fight the fatty deposits recognized as lipomas. Drink at least one cup each day to enhance your metabolism to burn fat, and possibly get rid of the lipomas.

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Castor Oil

Castor oil is used to treat different benign growths. Directly apply the oil onto the lipoma and massage in a circular motion before bedtime. As castor oil is greasy, you may want to cover with a dressing or utilize a towel on the bedding.

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Thuja belongs to the cedar family and is normally used in homoeopathic treatments for lipoma. Mix some thuja extract with water. Apply this combination on the area affected by lipoma, repeating this two to three times a day.

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Essential Oils

Utilize essential oils of sage, tea tree, and frankincense together as a powerful fighter of lipomas. Mix half a teaspoon of all oil with one tablespoon of carrier oil. You can use coconut oil, fractionated coconut oil, or castor oil as a carrier. Apply two times each day.

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Here are some things to keep an eye on:

Reduce the eating of fatty foods.

Keep away from processed foods and carbonated drinks, which have excess sugar, flavors, and preservatives. Excess sugar is converted into fats that get stored under the skin, which can lead to lipoma.

Eat foods rich in fiber to preserve healthy digestion and bowel movement.

Vitamins can help your body to naturally deal with lipoma. They as well increase the working of the liver to remove toxins. A healthy liver is key decrease lipoma and tumor formation.

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